Submitting FOI requests to EU institutions is very simple. You can either use the official FOI website of the EU. Or you can use the platform Ask the EU. Ask the EU has the advantage, that you can share your request with others on o public platform.

1: FOI request about Apps for iOS / Android

Please list all the software this DG procured or provided (including contractors) and distributed on Google Play or the Apple iTunes store. Please include a list of all relevant Apple iTunes and Google Play links. Please list also for each software project - if available - alternative download sources for people who chose not to use iTunes or Google Play.

Request send to all DGs of the EU

Please note: If you do a request on they may decline it and ask for a postal contact.

FOI Tendering Process

Please send me all documents regarding the guidelines for tendering processes for the development and support of software used by EU institutions.

2: Request about FS in DGs

How many of the software in-house-developments of this DG or external service providers on behalf of this DG were published fully or in part under a Free Software licence? Please list the relevant software project names, the budgets of the relevant software projects, if available a link to the code and the project's current status. If a systematical evaluation of all or some projects regarding the chances and benefits of Free Software licences was made, please attach the regarding documents.

no space left in form: The term "free licence" is used in this request as defined by the Free Software Foundation ( and the Open Source Initiative (

Answer to 1+2

Suggestions on the Evaluation

There are many more EU-Instititions that were not asked - because the workload would be simply too much. By comparing the different DGs, we could do a ranking. This would be rewarding for those DGs who support FS. It could also trigger competition to improve.

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