Overall Design

5 subpages:

  1. Recommended: Showing one recommended reader and the short paragraph proposed by RMS. I would also like to recommend a browser plugin in addition to the desktop reader (if these are not included in the same package).
  2. Overview: An overview over all Free readers on all platforms and browsers. It might be best, to make different paragraphs for all platforms and put a table in each, depending on how many we got.
  3. Graphics: the same as the current one.
  4. About PDF: like the current "Open Standards" Page but with more information on how well each is supported by Free Software
  5. About this Site: the current "About" page.

Should pdf.js become useable we can add a site for that under "For Webmasters", so that webmasters may offer Free Software rendering in the browser. If we do we should also inform about the SaaS issue there and ask those webmasters to explicity inform their users, that the PDF-rendering is achieved by Free Software Javascript running in their browser.

See the mockups here:


Please insert your name after these TODOs, add your own TODOs and add update TODO accordingly, as work progresses:

  1. Check the mockups, contribute good design ideas, make draft of new homepage
  2. Decide if we want to switch to FSFE's build script, so we do not have to maintain that many different installations and we can handle translations better
  3. update our information on the current readers
    • gather direct download links
    • gather high quality icons
  4. find readers for mobile platforms
  5. find information about browser plugins
  6. make a recommendation table for us (so we know what magic to put in the front page) that includes browser plugins (which software contains both plugin and desktop reader, which one doesn't etc, which browser supports which plugins) [do after the above TODOs]
  7. add compatibility information to the "About PDF" page, also add some information about open standards, because that was removed from front page
  8. stay in contact with Mozilla on pdf.js to see if that gets done in time for being added [h2]


  1. Repentinus has justify-aligned most of the text.
  2. E-mail changes as proposed.



Documention for the Platform-Detection used in the web-site.

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