Women in Free Software

This page lists some high profile women who do important work with Free Software. Please add people to this list if you know of good candidates.


Valerie Aurora - Linux kernel consultant, writer, programmer, feminist activist, and a co-founder of the Ada Initiative, a non-profit to promote women in open technology and culture.

Victoria Sinclair - runs an Internet community centre in Manchester running exclusively FS, does training for BBC, Age UK etc., teaches PC system building, involved in international hackerspace movement, esp. latin america

Yuwei Lin - Lecturer in Future Media at the University of Salford, on the board of Linux New Media Awards, Open Street Map speaker and advocate, Chaos Computer Club staff

Sam Bail - Computer Science PHD student, previously involved in Manchester Free Software, runs Manchester Girl Geeks and computer training courses at MadLab hackerspace.


Christina Gratorp - embedded C hacker, Free Software advocate, speaker at FSCONS on FS & women + arduino

Anne Østergaard - FS veteran, former Vice Chairman at GNOME, works in social, legal, research, and economic areas of global society

Christina Haralanova - does computer training workshops for communitiy organizations in Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, South Africa, UK and Canada, has been a trainer in Drupal in 2009/2010, member of Foulab Montreal Hackerspace

Marie Alexxson - Flattr employee, Pirate Party Activist. Hackerspace geek.

Leena Simon - Works with German Government to use more FS, member of FoeBuD, organiser of “Freedom Not Fear” demonstrations, member of FSFE Berlin Fellowship group

Nanda Weiden - Debian Women organiser, former Vice President of FSFE, former council member of Free Software Foundation Latin America, founder of the Women in Free Software Project in Brazil, FISL organiser

Many more:


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