It would be useful to have a list of gadgets that work well with free software.

This will be hard to define, so first we need to think about how to evaluate devices.

What criteria can we consider?

Since the compatibility of a device with free software may depend on the nature of the hardware, it may also be worth considering the following:

Thus, devices that we could consider include...

Any others?

Whether or not to include laptops and netbooks is another question. If so, the OLPC would score highly, but as there are problems with OLPC, we should limit our work to informing people how to make the OLPC free.

How to classify them?

  1. good+
    • all free software out-of-the-box
    • supports free formats
    • warranty ok if software is modified
    • manufacturer supports free software
    • works well with free applications/OS.
  2. ok
    • can be switched to free software
    • supports free formats
  3. do not buy
    • can't run free software
    • only plays proprietary formats
    • doesn't work (well) with free applications/OS.

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