EU Elections 2019 - Support Free Software

As mentioned in the May Newsletter, we have identified a few ways in which you can take action. We provide some tips below to help you choose the step to take that fits your abilities best. Our very first (and very important) tip is about how to word your message so that it gets heard and receives the attention it deserves:

There are lots of arguments you can use, i.e.:

Ways to Get Active

There are a few ways in which you can get in touch with the EU Election candidates and increase the chances of drawing their attention to Free Software:

  1. Email the EU election candidates
  2. Contact EU election candidates on social networks
  3. Call EU election candidates
  4. Go to the offices of EU election candidates
  5. Go to election campaign booths and gatherings of the parties
  6. Go to public talks / panels with EU election candidates and talk about FS
  7. Organize or co-organize your own FS EU election event
  8. Connect with other Campaigns like "Ask Your Candidate", "Digital-O-Mat", "Freedomvote" and see how you can join forces with them
  9. Try to get the attention of mainstream media via their own communication channels

Contacting Tips

When you try to get in touch with EU candidates over email, their social media or phone, always:

Share Your Experience

If you need help or would like to share the experience you had with any of those actions, you are more than welcome to contact us: .

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