In 2009 we will have the first vote for a GA Fellowship seat. Torsten Grote, Jan-Hendrik Peters, Michel Roche, and Björn Schießle are candidating for the seat.

Torsten Grote

Torsten is part of the Berlin Fellowship group. There he is actively organizing and helping with events like a lecture of Richard Stallman and the celebrations of the Document Freedom Day including handing over an award for the German secretary of state. Torsten also gave a speech at a Ubuntu release party and staffed FSFE's booth at the Linuxtag 2008.

If he should be elected as the first fellow member of FSFE's general assembly (GA), he will try to make FSFE's inner processes more transparent and introduce more democratic elements. As part of this, he plans to get into discussions with fellows before and after the GA meetings and then bring input from the fellowship into the GA. Torsten thinks that the freedom of computer users is not only threatened by proprietary software, but also by many other things such as new restrictive technology and laws. He wants FSFE to play a bigger part in defending users against these threats.

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Jan-Hendrik Peters

Henner studies computer science in Berlin where he was/is active in some Unix user groups. Some time ago he considered it as a good idea to help Free Software in a political way. As a result of this experience he joined the Fellowship of the FSFE in early 2008. There he started the campaign together with some other fellows from around the globe.

This campaign takes care of Open Standards which is one of the most important points for him. His other main interests are Free Software at the public administration and community funded Free Software like COfundOS. Or even better all of these three things in combination.

Some time after the campaign was rolling, Matthias (mk) asked him to join the German Team of FSFE which he agreed upon. Now he hopes that he will win the election for the general assembly seat to become more active.

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Michel Roche

Michel joined the Fellowship in mid 2006 because he felt that advocating for Free Software needed some global organisation which was powerful enough to produce good material that could help others to advocate too. So, he began to join the translation team and is now a regular contributor for french pages, aside a couple of other people. He currently has two activities : mountain leader and IT consultant in a small village in France. As a consultant he actively works on pushing Free Software inside home and offices around him whenever possible. This task heavily relies on helper tools (such as and organisations like FSFE that help securing users against laws and patent threat.

If he should be elected as Fellow representative, he'd like to play this role of gathering Fellows' ideas and projects to push them to knowledge of the FSFE core team and give them consistency. He'd also like the Fellowship to become more active in the whole Europe, as it is for example in Germany.

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Björn Schießle

Björn joined the Fellowship in 2005. At the same time he started to work as an volunteer in the translation team. In 2006 he participated at the first international Fellowship meeting in Bolzano, Italy.

At the end of 2006 Björn became a member of the German team of FSFE. Since then he participated at various trade shows and organised booths for FSFE. In 2008 he started a Fellowship Group in Stuttgart. Björn also gave some speeches about Free Software at various events. Today he is the coordinator of the German translation team and a member of the european core team of FSFE.

If he should be elected as the first Fellow representing the Fellowship in FSFE's general assembly (GA) he wants to give the Fellows more influence into the decision making process of FSFE and make the processes as transparent as possible to the Fellows. To achieve this Björn will be available for discussions with the Fellows and will try to bring their ideas, requests and concerns into the GA.

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Howto vote

You receive an e-mail to your e-mail alias. There the voting URL and all other information is included.

Public Announcements

Beside the personal e-mails you recieved as Fellow, FSFE also published the following public announcements:

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