Election 2018

In April 2018 we are running the tenth and probably last annual vote for a Fellowship representative [1] to represent the FSFE community in the FSFE's general assembly. The General Assembly acts as a board of the FSFE and serves the Council with advisory.

In accordance with FSFE's constitution, two seats in the General Assembly are reserved for the Fellowship representatives. The winner of this election will be a Fellowship representative inside FSFE's General Assembly for a period of two years. The elected person shall represent FSFE's community and have an influence inside FSFE's highest decision level. A Fellowship representatives is a full member of the General Assembly, and have all the rights and obligations of other members. This election will replace Mirko Böhm's position as his two year period is ending.

The election is organised by Erik Albers in his role as the Fellowship coordinator.

Most important information in a nutshell:

More information on the voting procedure can be found in FSFE`s constitution

For any further questions contact

Candidates 2018

Candidates will be ordered in alphabetical order of their first names once the list is closed.


Hustings with the candidates will be held and the date will be announced once the candidates are fixed and agree on a date.

[1] Please note, that we did change the name for members of our supporter program from Fellows to supporters and that the GA of the FSFE decided to drop the Fellowship seats. However, FSFE's constitution still needs to be updated accordingly with the next General Assembly. Until then the current version of the constitution is valid, that still talks about "Fellowship" and "election of Fellowship seats". Very probably, however, this will be the last elections of any "Fellowship seat" and membership to the GA will be granted by other means in the future.

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