In April 2016 we're organising the eighth annual vote for a Fellowship representative to represent the community and the FSFE's Fellowship in the FSFE's general assembly.

Election 2016

In accordance with FSFE's constitution, two seats in the General Assembly are reserved for the Fellowship representatives. The winner of this election will be a Fellowship representative inside FSFE's General Assembly for a period of two years. The elected person shall represent FSFE's community and have an influence inside FSFE's highest decision level. A Fellowship representatives is a full member of the General Assembly, and have all the rights and obligations of other members. This election will replace Stefan Harmuth's position as his two year period is ending.

The election is organised by the Fellowship coordinator. If you like to become a candidate, please send an e-mail, NO LATER THAN 1st February 2016, 14:00 UTC to with the subject line "Candidate Fellowship representative". In the email you should state that you want to run for election as a Fellowship representative, along with information about yourself and why you run for the seat.

You can only register yourself as a candidate; suggesting others is not possible. If you know other Fellows that you consider would be good candidates, please motivate them to register themselves.

Some basic information:

- Who can vote? All orderly Fellows who regularly pay their yearly or monthly Fellowship contribution (reference date is January 15, 2016)

- Who can be elected? To be a candidate, you need to have been an active Fellow for at least a year before the election (so April 4th, 2015). This helps to make sure that the people elected into the GA are familiar with the organisation and its work.

- Election Platform: All candidates should use the wiki and/or blog as a promotion platform, so that it will be possible for their Fellow voters to know them. (You can also choose to make the wiki page only visible for other Fellows).

- Voting System: For the voting process we will use the Schulze method, a popular voting system used by Debian, Wikimedia and others. It is a well tested method and has proven to be resistant to voting anomalies.

More information on the voting procedure can be found in FSFE`s constitution

For any further questions contact


Mirko Boehm


After being a FSFE fellow for some years now, I think it is time to up the game. I support FSFE's policy work as part of the German team at the German and European level. My main reason to be engaged is to create and then protect and preserve freedom of choice and freedom from lock-in for every computer user. This includes individual control over their applications and their data. To me, being in control of one's own computing implies being able to use Free Software. Privacy is essential because surveillance changes how users would normally act and therefore takes control away from them.

I am running for the seat of fellowship representative for three main reasons:

About me

I am a contributor to the KDE Desktop since 1997, including several years on the KDE e.V. Board. I am a visiting lecturer and researcher on FLOSS at the Technical University of Berlin, a member of the FSFE Germany team and a Qt-certified specialist and trainer. I have a wide range of experience as an entrepreneur, a corporate manager, a software developer and a German Air Force officer.

I am a founder and the CEO of Endocode, an employee-owned, shareholder company based in Berlin, Germany providing professional IT services with a focus on FLOSS technologies.

The Open Invention Network protects the FLOSS ecosystem from software patent threats. As director for the linux system definition, I am responsible for the technical scope that defines the field of use of the patent non-aggression agreements.

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