Albert Dengg

I'm currently a computer science student at the Vienna University of Technology as well as a part time programmer and system administrator.

After having been intressted in GNU/Linux and other Free Software for some time, I became more aware of the political and philosophical background over time, but looking back it's hard to name an exact year.

After having taken part in the protest marches against software patents in Vienna and hearing talks from differen people in the Free Software movement, I decided to join the Fellowship of the FSFE in 2006 and became involved in the Vienna fellowship group and since 2008 in the austrian country team.

In this really active and inspiring group I have helped raising the awareness of people of the Free Software and Open Standards in Vienna and Austria through booths at local Free Software events throughout the country.

My main goal will be the to be the voice of all fellows in the GA and improve communication within the FSFE between the various persons working there.

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Heiki "Repentinus" Ojasild

Repentinus, having become involved in FSFE as a translator in August 2011, joined the Fellowship in October 2011. Since then he has been involved with translations, website maintenance, and the PDF readers campaign.

Repentinus is also a member of the fledgling Pirate Party of Estonia. In the Party he has advocated for a pro-Free Software stance. Furthermore, as a Party member he has published articles in Estonian media on copyright and opposing Facebook in educational settings.

In non-Free Software/Culture part of his life, Repentinus is studying Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. (An interesting subject, although an unacceptable level of proprietary software is present in the engineering sectors.)

If elected, Repentinus will advocate for expanding the PDF readers campaign to other non-free software and non-open standards recommendations and use. (Truth be told, he would do it anyway.) For instance, Adobe Flash, Microsoft's proprietary formats, Silverlight, &c. He is also of the opinion that we should take a more active role against non-free JavaScript. Furthermore, he would advocate for maximum translatability, whitelisting addresses in FSFE mailing lists, and ensuring that all FSFE sites and code carry due licence notices.

To conclude, Repentinus wishes to increase the representation of North-Eastern Europe amongst FSFE, and help the public leave the Shadowlands of proprietary software and find the real world of Free Software further up and further in.


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