In February 2012 we will have the fourth vote for a GA Fellowship seat. Nikos Roussos, Gert Seidl and Albert Dengg are candidating for the seat.


Albert Dengg

I'm currently a computer science student at the Vienna University of Technology as well as a part time programmer and system administrator.

After having been intressted in GNU/Linux and other Free Software for some time, I became more aware of the political and philosophical background over time, but looking back it's hard to name an exact year.

After having taken part in the protest marches against software patents in Vienna and hearing talks from differen people in the Free Software movement, I decided to join the Fellowship of the FSFE in 2006 and became involved in the Vienna fellowship group and since 2008 in the austrian country team.

In this really active and inspiring group I have helped raising the awareness of people of the Free Software and Open Standards in Vienna and Austria through booths at local Free Software events throughout the country.

My goals as a representative are:

Gert Seidl

After getting in touch with Free Software in the late 1980s the topic left my focus because I stopped working with computers for some years. Since in my new job I had to deal with basic and human rights, my awareness for all kinds of lack of freedom rose. One of the consequences for me was to get involved in the Fellowship group in Vienna (being one of the Fellows with the lowest Fellowship number there).

Today, in addition to my main job, I again work with computers trying to spread Free Software and especially the philosophy behind it whereever I can.

If I'm elected into FSFE's General Assembly, I want to help raising awareness for the importance of Free Software amongst all people. I want to be the voice of the Everyman. ;-)

Nikos Roussos

Nikos is a Free Software Engineer, Advocator and a Digital Rights Activist. He is a Mozilla Representative, a Fedora Developer and Ambassador and an Free Software Consultant at many organizations, such as the Greek Free / Open-Source Software Society and the Greek Municipalities Association. He also participates at Initiative and in the past he was chairman of the board at the Hellenic (National-wide) GNU/Linux User Group. He fights for Digital Rights participating at Digital Liberation Network, an EFF-like organization in Greece.

If Nikos is elected will try to represent the voice of the community on FSFE's General Assembly and help FSFE make its voice more loud and clear to places where decisions are being made on matters of Digital and Software Freedom.

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