"Ask Your Candidates" is an ongoing campaign where you can always help. The principle is to ask your local, regional, national candidates or parties where they stand regarding Free Software and Open Standards, what they will do to help broaden it or how they will prevent software patents.

More information on this campaign can be read on and on the FSFE's campaign page.

The dates for next elections are summarised on /Dates.

Ideas for the campaign

We may want to contact and register to the group of charities from the Free Software Pact.


Here is a list of typical questions you can ask your candidates on the most important topics FSFE fights for.

Free Software

Vendor lock-in


Control over one's data

Software Patents


Decentralised services and Data protection

Open Standards (?)

Find out an official website for your city/region/country, which offers a document/medium you can't read (flash video, RTF file, OOXML file, "Acrobat-only" pdf file).

How To ask these questions

This really depends on the means you dispose of. For instance, in Germany, there is a dedicated website for questions to the deputies. You can take a look at the questions and answers (in German) from the 2009 elections.

Further examples and real-cases

Pages in this section



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