Version Control Systems became very popular in the last years. We as Free Software Advocates should be aware of the different platforms, projects and companies in this sector. Therefore, we collect some thoughts about popular services and their alternatives.

This page is beta, as it only tries to summarise an ongoing discussion! Please join our discussions or provide us with feedback.

Single VCS solutions


Why is Github so popular?



Some other solutions

See this Wikipedia article for an extensive list and comparison. Here thoughts on some of these platforms and some services which are not mentioned in the Wikipedia article:

Recommendations for new projects

  1. If a program belongs to a bigger community (KDE, Gnome, Apache, GNU), host it on their platforms to increase synergy effects
  2. If it's something different, look at Free Software platforms (see above). If your project gets bigger, you'll need an own website, wiki or mailing list anyway. So why not an own git repository from the beginning?
  3. If even that is no solution, look at or but be aware of the downsides!

Possible ways to improve the whole situation

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