Official Campaign Material

There are official Flyers and Posters you can order from FSFE if you like to advertise this campaign in general our your specific local activity. Please use our general order form where you find FYA cmapaign material as well as other FSFE related stuff:

Until now, Flyers and Posters are available in:

Official Campaign Text for Flyer / Poster

Here you can find the official text that is used for our FYA poster and the A7-Flyer in many different languages. As an example, you see the English version quoted here:

Free Your Android! Regain control of your Android device and your data. We've collected all the information necessary to run (almost) exclusively Free Software on your phone. The Free Android Community is founded upon principles of helping and sharing - join in! Help us make phone liberation effortless, and free the last few apps necessary for freedom phones to thrive. powered by FSFE

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