Flashing stock OS on Pixel


The Android Flash tool can also be used with a chrome browser:


Computer with

1. Android SDK Platform-Tools installed

Download factory image

Download the image

Pixel 2

   1     curl -LO ""

And verify its checksum:

   1     sha256sum

It should be equal to the SHA displayed on the page: 0c23f6cf9e2194a3e72b1288f65c5a7f2f6c020080af49c8a494ee99ab3eb543

Extract the contents:

   1     unzip ""

Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging

If necessary, enable Developer options:

SettingsAbout Phone → tap Build Number 7 times

Enable USB debugging:

SettingsSystemAdvancedDeveloper OptionsUSB debugging

If necessary, enable OEM unlocking:

SettingsSystemAdvancedDeveloper OptionsOEM unlocking

Reboot into fastboot

Connect your device to your computer over USB.

Check if your device can be found:

   1     adb devices

   1     adb reboot bootloader

Unlock bootloader

If necessary, unlock the bootloader:

   1     fastboot flashing unlock

Flash factory image

Check if your device can be found:

   1     fastboot devices

Pixel 2

Move into the directory:

   1     cd walleye-rp1a.201005.004.a1

   1     ./

Once the script finishes, the device reboots.

Lock the bootloader

Enable USB debugging on the device, see: Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging

Start device in fastboot mode:

   1     adb reboot bootloader


   1     fastboot flashing lock

Needs to be confirmed on the device.

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