Flashing CalyxOS on Pixel



Computer with

1. Android SDK Platform-Tools installed

Download factory image

Download the image

Pixel 2

Device model is officially not supported anymore. Fortunately for us, the link that was removed from the website and was pointing to the factory image is still active:

   1     curl -LO ""

And verify its checksum:

   1     sha256sum

It should be equal to the SHA displayed on the page: ea8ecc694e687d711efa4b571ef846fc7de85e4123883131f9ab9d75ecacc4c0

Extract the contents:

   1     unzip ""

Enable OEM unlocking

If not already unlocked, OEM unlocking must be enabled from within the OS.

For that, Developer options must be enabled:

SettingsAbout Phone → tap Build Number 7 times

Now, OEM unlocking can be enabled from within the Developer Options:

SettingsSystemAdvancedDeveloper OptionsOEM unlocking

Reboot into bootloader

This can be done in a couple of ways:

Over the command line with adb

Enable USB debugging within Developer options menu:

SettingsSystemAdvancedDeveloper OptionsUSB debugging

Connect your device to your computer over USB.

Needs to be confirmed on the device.

   1     adb reboot bootloader

Holding "Volume down" button while booting

This can be done in two ways:

1. Reboot the phone and begin holding the “Volume down” button during the boot process, or

2. Turn phone off, then boot it up while holding “Volume down” button during boot process

Unlock bootloader

If necessary, unlock the bootloader:

   1     fastboot flashing unlock

Needs to be confirmed on the device.

If the bootloader has been unlocked, the device needs to be rebooted into the bootloader, see section Reboot into bootloader

Flash factory image

Check if your device can be found:

   1     fastboot devices

Pixel 2

Move into the directory:

   1     cd walleye-rq3a.211001.001

   1     ./

Once the script finishes, the device reboots into the bootloader.

Lock the bootloader


   1     fastboot flashing lock

Needs to be confirmed on the device.

The device reboots into the system.

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