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= Fellowship Groups and Meetings = = Local Groups and Meetings =
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 * There is an [[FellowshipGroup|overview of all Fellowship groups]]  * There is an [[LocalGroup|overview of all local groups]]

The New FSFE Wiki

Welcome to all the quirks and glitches of our fresh Wiki! All pages have been migrated. Use the Search function to find them again. We will work out styling problems and broken menus within the coming weeks (that is before April 2016). Pages will still be moved around during this time, so links are not reliable yet. Content will not be touched though. You can use the Wiki already!

Need to compare something to the old wiki? See http://wiki-test.fsfe.org.

Please direct questions, praise and complaint to web@fsfeurope.org

Make your first edit

No matter if you are new to the wiki or a Fellowship veteran, get rid of the annoying security question and enter your name into Group/Registered. Log in and do it. ...really go do it now!

Changes we made

No AdminGroups anymore. Have you ever set up an admin group for your group pages? Have you made constant use of it? Do you know what I'm talking about? ... Yeah, exactly...

Distinct name spaces. Permission groups do now go to Group/ etc... learn more here: WikiAdmin.

Been a guest user? Sorry we don't run those nasty software patches anymore. Instead you can now become a full volunteer Fellow of FSFE. See Migrated/UserGuide#Volunteer_accounts

Changes we didn't make

  • We are still using Moin Wiki. use the wiki syntax as usual. See http://moinmo.in

  • Notifications for page changes: yeah well... so far we have not migrated page change notifications you might have set up in your account. It's not clear yet if we will. If you were using email notifications you will have to set them up again or stay put, for further announcements.

Local Groups and Meetings

Beside getting in contact with other Fellows via mailing lists, IRC, and jabber we suggest to have Fellowship meetings.

Free Software Advocacy

Fellowship Services

Fellowship Booths

Contribute to this wiki

If you are a Fellow of the FSFE you can login right now with your usual Fellowship username and password. If you don't have an account, you can become a volunteer and create a volunteer account.

The pages on this wiki do not constitute a statement by FSFE, so you do not need to obtain FSFE's permission before contributing or changing the articles; we only ask you to follow the wiki license guidelines. The goal of this wiki is to assist the Free Software community by providing learning materials and space for coordination. Please keep this in mind when contributing and when reviewing existing material. Happy wiki-ing!

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