Fellowship leaflets

The following leaflets are available into several languages. If your language is missing, help us by creating a translation!

All files are available on the download page.

For each language, there is a PDF available including the background (if you want to print on plain A4 paper), and a PDF without the background (if you want to print on pre-printed paper). If you are going to distribute many leaflets and want to use pre-printed paper, write to <office AT fsfeurope DOT org> to get some.

Information about the Fellowship

This leaflet contains basic information about the Fellowship and is distributed widely on events to advertise the Fellowship of FSFE. It assumes some knowledge about the concept of Free Software and the work of FSFE, so it's recommended to distribute it together with other material.

Support form

This leaflet is a multi-purpose offline form which people (like visitors at a booth) can use to subscribe to FSFE's newsletter, sign petitions, or join the Fellowship of FSFE. If you use this form, please make sure that you actually do execute the subscriptions requested.


print on plain white paper

print on preprinted paper










Creating new variants of the leaflets

The FSFE leaflets are written in a custom LaTeX class which is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3.

If you are not familiar with LaTeX, you will find many examples when you install the LaTeX packages on your system. There is also a free book published under the GDFL: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/LaTeX

If you want, you can create individual leaflets: you can, for example, add information about meetings of your local Fellowship group, or you can create a translation into a language not yet available: Just download the existing leaflets via Subversion, adapt one of them to your needs and run the Makefile by typing 'make' on the command line. Please make sure to add your variant to Subversion using a new file name, and also add it to the table above.

Leaflets about FSFE's work

FSFE's core team maintains various leaflets about specific fields of FSFE's work. You can find them on FSFE's web page. Please note that these leaflets use a different background.

Many thanks to Sebastian G√ľnther for writing the fellowship-leaflet LaTeX class!