Hack the Fellowship!

The Fellowship is always trying to improve, and of course you can help us do it!

One of the fields where the Fellows are actively helping is the Fellowship technological infrastructure.

We have several projects going on to renew the infrastructure and to add new features and services for Fellows. Please have a look at them and if you feel like to contribute to a project, or even just to a simple task, follow the instructions below.

Thanks to all those who helped us so far, and happy (Fellowship)hacking!

How to get involved

  • Browse the project pages listed below
  • If you want to know more about a project, you can contact the project coordinator through the e-mail address provided in the project page, or in the coordinator's userpage on this wiki
  • Work on projects is coordinated through the Fellowship jabber server (jabber.fsfe.org) and the <fellowship-hackers AT fsfeurope DOT org> mailing list (references like f-h@ 080922 in the project pages refer to threads on the fellowship-hackers list starting on YYMMDD)

  • To keep informed about the project, you are invited to subscribe the project page on the wiki

Suggested tasks

This is a partial list of things you might help us with (but please also see the project pages below).

Status of projects

Here you are the currently open projects, sorted by stage of execution. Individual tasks are listed in each project page, or in their category page

Projects in test stage

These projects are being implemented and we are testing alternative solutions.

Projects in production stage

These projects are in the "support/maintenance" stage, meaning that the main functionality has been delivered, and we have to support and improve it.

You can also see automatically-generated lists of: