Fellowship Meeting - Berlin


Fellowship Meeting - Berlin

Linienstrasse, 141, Berlin, 10115
We will discuss various Free Software topics! See you there at 19.30h!

Seven attendees.

Introduction to the Fellowship for newbies

- What is the Fellowship? - Why the separation?

Past German Team Meeting

(Olaf) No decisions, only discussions. > eighteen people for bigger discussion, some topics discussed in smaller groups. Three or four groups discussed, later they compared resulst.

(Michael V)


Complicated process, trying to bring in our position through the ad-hocracy thing. Temporary and permanent consultants (Experten, Sachverstaendiger) present in commission. High work load, in order to influence hand in papers through inofficial ways. Ad-hocracy is a tool which enables outsiders can inject papers/positions. Lena says the participation thing is important for the legitimization of the process.

(Michael V) DFD price. Huge discussion who to give it to, how to deal with regression. How to handle after awarding a prize, punishment? Bernhard proposed to give it to a private organization this time, not public one. Proposal to have the public propose candidates. Make it a transparent descision or internal one.

(Olaf) Ask your candidates campaign (have fellows interrogate/interview politicians about Free Software. This year, milestones: FSFE asked parties questions. Discussion about how to strengthen the Fellowship approach (complementary?), get some continuity in.

Sustainability, but only in context of ask your candidates: How to remember of the commitments made, or at least statements. Enforcement.

PDFReaders. Massive success reported. More than 60% of FSFE homepage referrers. Germany not doing a good job, bad numbers. You can help!

(Olaf gives a recap about PDFReaders)

OpenSwarm was discussed in a separate group.

(Talk occurs what OpenSwarm is about, recap)

(Advertisement about Linux Hotel)

AVM vs. Cybits (+ FSFE) (Martin)


The court did not appal the claim Cybits would not be allowed to modify the (free) software on AVM's product; furthermore the court it did appal the claim it is unfair competition that the modifications have been done in a way it has a negative impact on AVM due to Cybits' products' bad quality. Presumably around three months until the decision has effect.

(Olaf) AVM's claim was based on the assumption that their derivative work had special conditions going beyond / breaking the rights granted by the GPL.

We don't know about the court's reasoning, only the outcome. Not necessarily in favor of the GPL. Most probably just German copyright arguments. Till Jaeger says it's likely there'll be an actual GPL terminate clause case against the AVM through Harald Welte.

Neither party in court is a "good guy" here, everyone's essentially violating the GPL.

(discussion about DRM, tivoization, GPLv3, warranties, customer support)


(nothing noteworthy, just what's on our website anyway"


Special INTRODUCTIORY ROUND!!!!eins!!elf!



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