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2007-06-30 23:59

First Benelux meeting, in Brussels

Author: ciaran

On Thursday June 28th, the first Benelux FSFE event will take place in Brussels in a quiet bar called Au Bon Vieux Temps (just off Rue Marché aux Herbes).

Thursday June 28th 2007

Time: 21h00 Venue: Au Bon Vieux Temps Street: off Rue Marché aux Herbes Directions, map, pictures: <a href=""></a>

This will be the first Benelux FSFE meeting. The aim is for the FSFE fellows to meet each other and to meet the FSFE General Assembly.

Saturday June 30th 2007

Time: 21h00 Venue: Brussels city centre - the exact venue will be added here soon

The Saturday meeting will be mostly social.


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