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HOSC 2007

Author: maffulli

<a href="">At HOSC2007</a> in Holland there will be an interesting speech from Fellow <a href="../../../../fellows/thufirhawat">Massimo Mauro</a>.

Fellow <a href="../../../../fellows/thufirhawat">Massimo Mauro</a> will speak  about "Civil society and the European Parliament: effective communication with the EP"Abstract: Senior Council of the European Union (directorate C, internal market, intellectual property). How do lobbyists try to influence Members of Parliament and how effective are they. The communities and organizations that thrive for open technologies can learn a lot from their opponents and of course from Massimo Mauro who is in the heart of the EU, has a solid experience of Council/EP negotiation, as he personally leads many of them in the general Internal market area (he heads the Technical Harmonisation sector). He can give us a qualified insider view, for instance, on the top mistakes made by lobbies in attempting to influence the EP or the Council.


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