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More informations More informations is avilable [[www.gnu.org/philosophy/android-and-users-freedom.html|In the Article written by Richard Stallman]]

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Free Your Android!

Android is an operating system mainly developed by Google.

While "Android Open Source Project(AOSP)" is Free software,mostly under the Apache 2.0 license it is mostly incomplete and cannot provide a decent user experience on devices without the addition of proprietary libraries(without them you will be unable to use you phone as a phone, the GUI will be slow,GPS and camera won't work etc...), and is nearly never shipped as-is on devices:

vendors usually uses non-free libraries with on top their modified version of Android, which they usually don't release the source code of(because they are not required to do so by the Apache 2.0 license) with on top non-free applications such as the Android market (the only thing they are required to release is the source of the linux kernel they ship),and sometimes the device is even tivoized. As a consequences most devices sold are running non-free software and must be liberated to give the user the freedom he/she requires.

Beside, due to the hardware architecture of some devices using qualcomm System on a chip,liberating may have a very limited effect since the hardware can still spy on you.

This page collects information related FSFE's Free Your Android Campaign.

More informations is avilable In the Article written by Richard Stallman

The Operating Systems


There is a DRM provider app that you can remove.

Non-Free Parts

If you know about non-free software added to CyanogenMod, please let us know about it! Currently we suspect that the ClockworkMod App that ships with CyanogenMod is not free.

Android Revolution / HD

"The most popular ROM for HTC Desire HD & HTC Inspire 4G". Currently it is unclear whether this ROM is 100% Free Software (input welcome!).

The Apps

Apps That Still Need To Be Liberated

Please add apps here that have no free counterpart, but are important to have on a free system. People can contact the authors of those apps and ask them why they are not Free Software.

Responses to Objections We've Heard from App Developers

We already collected objections and responses on FSFE's Free Your Android Campaign. If you know more, please add them here.

  • [please add here]

Portions of this page are modifications based on work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

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