FSFE hackathon 2018

2018-11-24 10:00
This will be the first FSFE hackathon.

If you like to join the hackathon you do not necessarily need to put your hands on the actual design or the markup language. We also welcome if you like to do a translation-sprint or a wiki-sprint or any other web-presence-related sprint and do that together with the web-team, share ideas and spent social evenings (Friday and Saturday) together.

We will prepare the location and an issue-tracker to work on for the hackathon and facilitate the creation of groups to also work on more complex issues together. To do this properly we need to know about your participation. If you have interest to be part of the hackathon, please put your name on the list until September 1st:

In preparation

Please, make sure you bring a device. If you cannot, let us know. FSFE can maybe offer a device to use. To help let everything run smooth, please make sure that your device

Friday, November 23

* Everyone who likes can join for dinner from 19:00 in a place that still needs to be announced. We will have a drink afterwards. * Anyone who arrives way more early the same day can pass by the FSFE office until 17:00

Saturday, November 24

We meet at 10:00 in the Onion Space and hack until the evening around 18:00. Afterwards we are having a social event and spend a nice evening together.

Sunday, November 25

Again, beginning from 10:00 we hack on until 16:00 in the afternoon. People are free to leave whenever they need.


The Onion Space is a co-working space located in Wedding, Berlin. Exact location is:


As already written in the introduction, we concentrate this time on our front page. If you have another burning issue which you would like to hack on, you are free to do so, but we really like to make a difference on the FSFE's front page primarily. It is technically interesting, can be easily separated in multiple subtasks and every progress is something very visible for every visitor around the world.

The front-page is dynamically built and cut down into three major frameworks that shall be improved:

We will create issues for the various tasks necessary to be done. If you can look them through before the hackathon, that is highly appreciated, but we will also discuss them together once at the beginning of the hackathon. In a nutshell, here is a list of the issues:

Front-page: * update slider and integrate tagline * integrate a PR-material picture/link on the front-page * solve language issue with news and event-entries shown on front-page (remove front-page tag) * re-arrange "more news", "newsletter" etc into the news-frame * have a particular "become a supporter"-frame incl. a changing video of a contributor

News-page: * consistently tag news-entries * improve the CSS to visually show an introducing summary of each news-item (bold) * Overwork right column of news-page (put NL before press release, graphic etc)

Events-page: * Introduce a right column * consistently tag event-entries * Include tagging + the most common used tags in the event-announcement-tool * Make the three tags visible as they are on the news-page with search-option * to get more people to use it, think about solutions of templates for recurring events like local group meetings


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