To restore a whole file system of a server, a fast way of doing this would be (running on cleve):

remotepass=<see documentation>
duplicity restore $remote/cleve /<restore_point>

This will ask you for the passphrase for the GnuPG key used for backups, so be sure to have it at hand.

If you want to restore individual files, there's a script on cleve which help you do that: bin/

Just run the command with the system name (without and restore point on the command line:

bin/ cleve /new_path

The restore script will create the path of the restore point and create a list of all files backed up on the indicated system. This list will be loaded in an editor (usually vi), where you will be asked to REMOVE the lines containing the file names you wish to restore.

After you save and exit, the script will assemble a list of the filenames you removed from the file and call duplicity with the right options to restore those files.

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