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|| '''Port:''' || 25 '''or''' 587 || || '''Port:''' || 587 ||


To send e-mails from your @fsfe.org e-mail alias using FSFE's mail server, you have to enable SMTP Authentication in your e-mail client.

Please use the following settings:

Outgoing mail server:





STARTTLS (or simply TLS)

Authentication method:

Password (LOGIN)

User name:

Your FSFE user name


Your FSFE login password


If you are having problems when using port 25, your ISP may be blocking that port for security or other reasons. Please do then try port 587 instead. Please also note that our server enforces TLS, because otherwise your credentials would be submitted without encryption - which is not good at all.

Please also note that the maximum allowed size for messages is 25MiB (this is the same limit imposed by many ISPs).


If you use mutt, just put this into your ~/.muttrc:

  • set smtp_url="smtp://username:password@mail.fsfe.org:587"

If you use Icedove (or Thunderbird), go to "Account Settings" > "Outgoing Servers (SMTP)" there add mail.fsfe.org. Then go to "Manage Identities..." of your desired account and use mail.fsfe.org as a SMTP server for your identity.


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