Letter Templates

You find a directory "Templates" in internal SVN with our brand new letter template, both in LaTex and ODF (OpenOffice/LibreOffice) format.


to make sure that the information in the footer lines is up to date and to facilitate a "corporate design" for FSFE, plase base *any letter* that you write on these templates. You can create additional specialized templates based on the existing ones, you already find a few examples of specialized templates in that directory.

Please do not use any other old templates and, for example, just update the footer text. Please use only the official templates from SVN as the base for new templates.

If you create new templates, please store them in this new "Template" directory in SVN, so next time we have something to update, we can make sure to catch all templates which are around.

If you would like to have a specialized template for any purpose and you are not entirely sure how to create them, please ask Reinhard.

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