Decommissioning pad service

The FSFE has run its own pad service for many years with the intent of providing its community and the public with a useful system for collaborative editing. When we started offering this, pad services weren't as numerous as they are today. There are many organization running pad services for the public and groups today, and many teams in the FSFE have started using other services. Pads are useful tool for quick and easy collaborative editing, but we do not consider them suitable for long term work or archiving.

For the FSFE, we're recommending that our teams only use pads during short periods of time when a document is drafted or edited. This can happen on any suitable pad service. Once a document reach a certain stage of completeness and collaborative editing becomes more rare, it should be moved to another service for long term storage. For the FSFE, this is often our web pages or this wiki. Our wiki, in particular, can be accessed and edited by anyone who has an account on our servers, volunteers and fellows alike. Individual wiki pages can also be set to allow non-logged in anonymous contributions.

Our existing pad setup is very old and is frequently breaking. We no longer consider this pad service to be reliable, nor do we consider it feasible to create a new pad service based on upgrading or maintaining the current one. Rather, any new pad service should be built from scratch up, and we very much welcome anyone to get in touch with who would like to help setup a team to run a new pad service. Over the next months, we will be decommissioning the current FSFE pad service and we invite our own teams to use any other pad service which they feel suitable for their purpose when needed, and to make better use of our wiki, where information can be found and indexed more easily.

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