Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen, fellow #2603, is a free culture and free software proponent based in the Western part of the Jutland peninsula (main land) of Denmark.

As a curious and investigative type, I have a personal and healthy interest in most computing and technology related stuff. More specifically I strive to know how it works, more than just how it is used. I am a generalist, and pursue to develop an overview giving me the big picture of any subsystem of the universe. As such especially legal, cross-border and privacy issues catch my drift.

I am a free software user sine 1997 where unauthorised installations of Red Hat vWhatever on university workstations fuelled the discovery of distributed software development and the free software, and later open source, communities. In 1999 I bought my first x86 based computer (Amiga user until then), and experienced the lacking corporate support of the open community.

Professionally my bachelor degree in electrical and electronics engineering ( EE) has allowed me the privilege to be able to work with embedded free software for the last ~10 years. This has primarily been middle-ware and system application development against the POSIX api and stitching together embedded devices using GNU/Linux systems. Having worked in the more closed private enterprise, my merits in the community are quite low, but I would like to broaden that up.

Email: <mikini AT SPAMFREE fsfe DOT org>


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