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For the time being, I coordinate the Fellowship group in [[groups/Zurich|Zurich]], but I really don't have enough time for that, so there's no significant activity there.
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Reinhard Müller

http://www.bytewise.at/rm/rm.jpg I am a Free Software advocate from Lustenau, Vorarlberg, Austria. I am currently FSFE's Financial Officer, which means that I supervise that FSFE spends the money it gets from Fellows and Donors in an effective way and for constitutional purposes.

Apart from that, I handle some administrative tasks for the Fellowship.

I also love to participate in fairs and tradeshows for the FSFE, and you can try to meet me at FOSDEM or Linuxtag. My T-shirt folding capabilities are legendary.

Contact me!

reinhard (at) fsfe (dot) org
reinhard (at) jabber (dot) fsfe (dot) org

Watch me!




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