Patrick Moelands


About me

Since childhood, I have been playing with computers. It began with an Atari 800XL. Over the years I moved to several Atari ST's and eventually to my first PC. This PC was bought in a store, but all the others were build by myself. I always liked to get components and create my own prefered combination of hardware.

When I discovered GNU/Linux in 2003, the same happened with software too. When I install a distro (currently CentOS) I change and tweak things. When people ask me for help with their computer, I always try to look for a solution that fits their needs. But I will always choose Free/Libre Open Source Software first. Not because it mostly is free (as in free beer), but because it is Free (as in freedom of speech).

For some friends and family I remotely look after their computers. I have my own private RPM server for additional software that isn't available in the official CentOS repos.

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