On Friday, September 26, the system hackers team discovered a misconfiguration in the wiki setup. The error, if discovered, would have enabled an unauthorised party to read protected pages and user configurations.

It was possible to read the encrypted password hashes of guest users. Registered Fellows, who log in using their Fellowship password were not affected by this. To all others we recommend changing their wiki password as a precaution.



In February 2011 we will have the third vote for a GA Fellowship seat. Kostas Boukouvalas and Hugo Roy are candidating for the seat.

Kostas Boukouvalas

As a member of FSFE General Assembly I intend to:

  • receive experience by longstanding GA members in order to deepen the Free Software case in Greece
  • give regular report on the actions taking place in Greece
  • promote Free Software in the Balkans: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia and Serbia which has already established an affiliation with FSFE.

Note 01/02/2011, 00:00: There was already a reaction on a political issue about a country name dispute. Please, read my statement on the Roadmap page, which is a statement of peace.

Find out about my work:

Hugo Roy

My goals as fellowship representative are:

  • to be an echo of your voice at the FSFE General Assembly with Julia.
  • to enhance our community online
  • to help improve the fellowship platform (wiki, blogs, etc.)

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Howto vote

You receive an e-mail to your login@fsfe.org e-mail alias. There the voting URL and all other information is included.