In February 2011 we will have the third vote for a GA Fellowship seat. Kostas Boukouvalas and Hugo Roy are candidating for the seat.

Kostas Boukouvalas

As a member of FSFE General Assembly I intend to:

  • receive experience by longstanding GA members in order to deepen the Free Software case in Greece
  • give regular report on the actions taking place in Greece
  • promote Free Software in the Balkans: Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bulgaria and Croatia and Serbia which has already established an affiliation with FSFE.

Note 01/02/2011, 00:00: There was already a reaction on a political issue about a country name dispute. Please, read my statement on the Roadmap page, which is a statement of peace.

Find out about my work:

Hugo Roy

My goals as fellowship representative are:

  • to be an echo of your voice at the FSFE General Assembly with Julia.
  • to enhance our community online
  • to help improve the fellowship platform (wiki, blogs, etc.)

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Howto vote

You receive an e-mail to your login@fsfe.org e-mail alias. There the voting URL and all other information is included.