Fellowship XMPP server

Each Fellow has an account on our public XMPP (formerly known as "jabber") server for instant messaging.

Connecting to the server

In order to use the Jabber service, you will need a Jabber client, such as:

Configuration is simple:

Notes for specific clients

Contacting other Fellows

To find other Fellows, you can either check their login on the Fellow listing at and try to contact them directly at, or use the Jabber User Directory on the server. Some administrators even have their contact name listed on the FSFE Team page

The Jabber User Directory is located at and you can use it to register yourself (so others can find you) and look for other Fellows on the server. Please see the documentation of your Jabber client on how to use this service.

Chat conferences

In addition to XMPP/Jabber, the FSFE's IRC channel is also used as a general meeting point for all Fellows.

Note : if you use ubuntu with Empathy, you'll have to install the account-plugin-irc package to be able to add an IRC account in the "Online Accounts" settings.

If you have problems with your Jabber account, you can contact <fellowship-hackers AT fsfeurope DOT org>


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