The FSFE is using a ticket system (OTRS) for internal work processes. These pages describe the setup and gives information for how to work with it.

Getting access

To get access to the ticket system, please mail We'd be happy to add any FSFE coordinator or deputy.

How to grant access

OTRS uses our LDAP, but it doesn't auto-create users based on LDAP information. The reason for this is that OTRS needs the full name (or pseudonym) of the person, to be able to personalise signatures, etc. However, no information about names is retrievable from LDAP. So OTRS uses LDAP for validating passwords, but has its own user database. Any user needs to be created in OTRS, after which they can login with their usual LDAP password.

To create a user:

  1. Login into OTRS as a user with Admin rights.
  2. Click on the "Admin" button in the main menu, then on "Agents" (in the "Agents management" box), then on "Add agent".
  3. Enter Firstname, Lastname, Username (must match the FSFE login chosen by the user), and Email address ( address preferred). Everything else can be left at the default settings. Then click on "Submit".
  4. In the last step, you can add the user to any roles that seem appropriate. Always add a user to the r_User role, and then add as you feel is useful from below.

Overview of roles

What you have access to in the ticket system, and what notifications you get, are influenced by what role you have in the organisation.

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