Mail Aliases

In the FSFE we often use email aliases to forward mails from one address to another. This can be used for:

Add or edit an alias

First, log in on cavendish. Go to the directory /etc/postfix/domains to find a bunch of domains for which virtual aliases exist. For each domain there is a plain text file, e.g., and its generated database in binary format, e.g.

To add or edit an alias, open the plain text file of the domain the aloas should be for. A line could look as simple as,

After adding editing this file, you'll have to generate the database. Please take care that you use the correct file:

postalias /etc/postfix/domains/    # this command seems to output a lot of errors, you should be able to ignore them
postmap /etc/postfix/domains/

Afterwards, please test the result.

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