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Migration from the old Fellowship portal

Since the new Fellowship home page has been activated, the old Fellowship portal has been moved to

You will be allowed to log into the old portal until May 3rd 2009, after that date, the old portal will be replaced by a static mirror of the remaining content of the Fellows homepages.

Below you'll find some instructions to migrate your data to the new Fellowship services.

Account maintenance

To manage your Fellowship account settings (personal data, application settings etc), just log into the new Fellowship site at

Content migration

You are invited to move the content of your personal page from the old portal to your user page on the Fellowship wiki and/or your Fellowship blog.

This includes articles ("static" pages, not blog posts), images, and any other file published on your personal page on the old portal.

Here you are some instructions about moving content to the wiki or to your blog.

Moving content to the Fellowship wiki

You can create your personal page and as many ''subpages'' you want, so that you can publish articles and other kind of content, like image galleries or files (as attachments).

You can find more information about the Fellowship wiki in our UserGuide.

Moving content to the Fellowship blogs

Fellowship blogs hosted on the old Fellowship portal have already been migrated to our new Fellowship blogging platform.

Besides the usual blog articles, the blogging platform can host also static pages/articles (you can add and edit them in the Pages section of your blog administration dashboard) and any kind of file attachment (you can manage them through the Media section).

You can find more information about the Fellowship blogging platform on the Blogs page.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact <fellowship-hackers AT fsfeurope DOT org>!

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