Kolab Calendars

Most of the following steps are done directly in your Kolab webmail. So, first of all, make sure you're logged in it.

Create a new Calendar in Kolab

Create a new calendar in Kolab is really simple, please follow the next steps:

  1. Go to the "Calendar" page through the right top menu.
  2. On the "Calendar" page, click on the "+" symbol at the bottom left corner of the page.
  3. Choose a name and a color for your new calendar.
  4. It's done.

Share a calendar with other Kolab users

Now that your calendar is created, you might want to share it with other Kolab users. To do so, two steps are necessary:

  1. You need to share you new calendar with another user.
  2. This other user needs to accept the sharing.

Please find below a description of these two steps.

First step : Create a new sharing

In the left panel of the calendar webpage there is a list of all the calendars available in your account. Select the one you want to share and double-click on it.

In the new windows that just came out, go to the "Sharing" tab and click on the "+" button to add a new sharing:

You just created a sharing with another person. Now this person has to accept it.

Second step : accept the sharing

The person with whom you have shared a calendar must enable it in its own account. Here is the process he/she needs to follow in his/her Kolab webmail.

  1. Go to the "settings" page through the right top menu.
  2. On the left side, go to the "folders" tab. A list of all the folders in the Kolab account appears.
  3. Go to the following one: "Other Users/Name_of_the_person_who_shared_the_calendar/".
  4. Tick the folder corresponding to the calendar that has been previously shared.

Example : you are internX and you named your calendar "Vacations". The person with whom you shared your calendar has to tick the calendar "Vacations" in "Other Users/InternX/".

The calendar is now shared between two users. Follow the same procedure to share it with one, two, three... other users.

Now, let's see how to synchronise your calendar with Thunderbird.

Synchronise your calendar with Thunderbird

The synchronisation with thunderbird uses the CalDAV protocol. So, firstly, you have to get the CalDAV URL of the calendar from your Kolab webmail.

  1. Go to the "Calendar" page through the right top menu.
  2. Select the calendar you want to synchronise by single clicking on it and go to the "More actions" menu at the bottom of the calendar list (the gears icon).
  3. Click on "Show calendar url" and copy the second given URL.

Now that we have the URL of the calendar, we have to set up correctly Thunderbird. For the moment (May 2015), Thunderbird has no integrated calendar system management. So, firstly, you need to install the lightning add-on.

Once that is done, go to the new "calendar" tab on the right top corner of Thunderbird. On the left side is the list of calendars. Make a right-click on it and create a new calendar.

In the window that come out, choose "On the network" and then select "CalDAV". Just paste the link you copied before in the "location" field. Create the calendar.

Now, you are able to manage your shared calendar directly from thunderbird. Enjoy!

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