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## page was renamed from Migrated/KnowledgeBase/PromotionMaterial

Knowledge base for FSFE Promotion Material

This is an overview page for the FSFE promotion material section including some subpages. You will find:

  • Link to the Spread the word page and an explanation of how to maintain that page
  • Link to the digital repository on downloads.fsfe.org and an explanation of how to maintain it
  • Link to the subpage for ordering Promotion material
  • Link to the text and translation section for promotion material
  • statistics, reports or anything else

For the outside: Spread the word (page)

Please have a look at the Spread the word on fsfe.org. This is the central web page and access to our one and only public repository and archive of all FSFE promotion material (under downloads.fsfe.org - see next chapter).

To maintain the page

To maintain the page, please check the following: Page: https://fsfe.org/contribute/spreadtheword the content is build dynamically using xml-files. Every item has a file and each file different language versions. You find the files here: //local-SVN-trunk-of-fsfe-homepage/contribute/promoitems only update information in their files. Do not forget to update other language versions!


Each Promoitem has some files dedicated to it. This is: - an xml-file that is used on the spread the word page with a description, links etc - normally in various languages - a PDF file that is used to sent it to the printer or to spread it in the internet

  • a directory or a category-directory in the SVN where all related files are hosted. These related files are
    • one or more source file (older ones have an SVG, newer ones SLA)
    • a PDF file that is ready to be spread or printed
    • complexer and newer items also have a txt-file that hosts the text that is used in the flyer in different language versions

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