One of the goals of the Fellowship is to provide Fellows with services that help them to learn about Free Software and spread the knowledge about it (and occasionally have some fun too :) ).

This page lists all currently active services and their help pages.

All services are accessible using your Fellowship username and password (your Fellowship account must be enabled).

Authentication (and data transmission in most cases) is secured using SSL: you can read more about our SSL certificates and possible authentication problems in our Authentication_FAQ.

We are always working to improve the Fellowship services, and you can help too! Have a look at the FellowshipHacks page to know how you can contribute (and get your name on the Credits page!).


If you are new to the wiki, be sure to have a look at the UserGuide.

If you want to help improving it, you can find some information on the WikiWishList page.


Information about using the Fellowship blog platform (and about blogs in the old Fellowship portal) is contained in the Blogs page.

Ticket system

Our Ticket System is our life line! It helps us keep track of incoming requests as well as other tasks that are ongoing. For more information, see the FellowshipServices/TicketSystem.


The Fellowship Planet aggregates many Fellowship blogs in a single blog.

To add your blog to the planet, see the instructions contained in the Blogs page.

Mail forwarding

For each Fellow, mail to is automatically forwarded to the specified primary e-mail address; we also support sub-addressing using the "+" separator: so anything sent to will be forwarded to realname+foo@realdomain.

You can change your target e-mail address from your account maintenance page.

To send e-mails from your alias, please use FSFE's SMTP server. The necessary settings can be found here.

Please note that the maximum allowed size for messages is 25Mb (this is the same limit imposed by many ISPs).

Mailing Lists

In addition to using our permanent fellowship mailing lists, you can create and manage temporary mailing lists using our quickml service.

XMPP instant messaging

We have a public XMPP (formerly known as "jabber") server for instant messaging.

You can find more about it on the XMPP page.

Fellowship Smart Card

This is our special gift to all Fellows: a personalised smart card to be used for authentication and data encryption. Learn more about it on the FellowshipSmartCard page.


We have a subversion server, that can host Fellowship related projects (software projects or web projects, like or the static Fellowship pages).

You can find more info about it on the Subversion page.

Account maintenance

You can view and change settings related to your Fellowship account (and related services) through the account maintenance page.

Old Fellowship portal

The old Fellowship portal is being discontinued and replaced by the services listed in this page.

To know how you can move your data from the old portal to the new services, see the OldPortal page.


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