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Migration of contents from Fellow homepages

This task is part of the FellowshipHacks/Projects/Wiki project


Decide how to migrate contents from the current Fellow homepages on to the Fellows userpages on this wiki.


This is now DONE: see the OldPortal page for instructions.


Volunteers are always welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks to know how you can help


This is a list of subtasks to do for the completion of the task.


How to migrate: ez -> wiki syntax conversion

(notes from f-h@ 080317)

Basic syntax should be easy enough.

  eg. s{</?strong>}{**} 

The reference to the tags used by eZ is here:

With the first approach, since it is handled via templates, and you can
give the tags new tags for example strong:

  <b{if ne($classification|trim,'')}


classification gone, because there is nothing in wiki syntax.
literal, because {* is comment in eZ Template syntax and { to.


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