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It is desirable to have a readable heading at the top of each Wiki page, but apart from the page name, MoinMoin doesn't provide anything else as that readable heading. Any "top of page" headings are produced as part of the normal markup and aren't easily positioned in the green band at the top of the content area.


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Currently, a pretty version of each page name appears as the initial heading at the top of each Wiki page.

Previously, some special heading relocation code moved the first top-level heading to the top of the page. However, there are some limitations with this approach:

Where headings cannot be moved, the page name is used as the page heading/title, instead.

There are some drawbacks:

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It might be better to just drop the idea of moving headings around and just adopt a pretty version of the page name as the "top of page" heading. Once people get used to seeing the page name in the green band, they will probably not use an initial top-level heading in the content. (This is like other Wiki solutions.)




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