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See nearby fellows as Jabber contacts

This task is part of the FellowshipHacks/Projects/Jabber project.


Livejournal has an option to see Friends directly in Jabber (without having to add them manually and grouped in the "LiveJournal" group).

Something similar would be nice. For example we could have the option of seeing nearby Fellows in the FSFE jabber account.

That way people might be able to get in contact with others from the fellowship much easier.


Volunteers are always welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks to know how you can help

(HINT: please use the person's username on this wiki, if it exists; write: username)

(HINT: please use the moinmoin MailTo macro if you want to add an email address)


Still in idea state.

Last updated on: 091006


(HINT: ideally this should be a very short and simple list, if you realise you need a complex list of subtasks, then you are working on a project, not a task :-) )



* LiveJournal Jabber Info: * LiveJournal Jabber FAQ: * DJabberD, the jabber Server LiveJournal uses:



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