This task is part of the FellowshipHacks/Projects/Calendar project.


Import the feed from the main site into the Wiki, most likely by creating event pages.


People working on this task.

Volunteers are always welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks to know how you can help


I've written a basic importer which is included in EventAggregator 0.6 (since the functionality is not specific to this Wiki). This has been tested somewhat, although it hasn't been in sustained testing. -- pboddie 2010-07-05 23:49:52

EventAggregator now supports aggregation from remote event sources. It is proposed that FSFE events be aggregated either from the FSFE feed, subject to the iCalendar data including event URLs, or from GriCal.

Last updated on: 111022


This is a list of subtasks to do for the completion of the task.


A discussion about synchronisation of event information was held by e-mail between pboddie, mk, reinhard and ato, agreeing that events would still be created for the main site and imported into the Wiki using some kind of script.


See "Event Page for Fellowship Events" on the fellowship-hackers mailing list from January 2010.



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