The “Pome” Fellowship blog theme

General Information

The goal of this project is to fix all functional bugs in the Pome theme developed for Fellowship blogs. The goal is a stable release for wide-spread use on This task is part of the FellowshipHacks/Projects/Blog project.

Theme Development

Active development will take place at Also, larger releases will be synced with the FSFE Subversion repositories at to keep the current release available for

Helping with the theme

Help is welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks/Projects/Blog or drop <marklindhout AT fsfe DOT org> a line.

People in this project

Bugs & Features


  1. (bug) Social media buttons: allow the user to enable/disable single buttons
  2. (feature request) Social media buttons: add support for Flattr


  1. Add a widget for FSFE member introduction (a sort of mini-profile)
  2. Fix display of <code> and <pre> elements in post content. (see next item as well)

  3. Implement fitting custom style for the WP-Syntax plugin, and remove clutter when plugin is activated.


  1. Apparently, Twitter changed something, since "Error while loading Twitter feed." messages are popping up all over the place. The built-in Twitter widget needs to be fixed.

  2. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-29) The inserted post galleries are broken. Alignment is strange, and amount of photo's per line aren't followed.


  1. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-21) Images in the content column are not scaled to width of that column. This results in overflow, which can disrupt the layout.

  2. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-21) Comments are erroneously displayed in a <dialog> element. This should be changed to conform to the (very loose) HTML5 specification on the subject:

  3. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-21) RSS-feeds aren't working correctly. This seems to have something to do with the header and some missing feed calls.

  4. The built-in social media profile plugin should be adapted to allow for freeform input of links to profiles.
  5. The built-in social media profile plugin should store all data in one database-field, not in many. See the WordPress guidelines for building a plugin at:

  6. box-shadow on container frame not tested yet in older browsers. (those with shady CSS3 support.)

  7. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-21) Social Media on post pages is not styled very well.

  8. We need a dynamic, multilevel Javascript drop-down menu that gracefully degrades. The one we have now only half works (no level-3 support, no usable HoverIntent)

  9. (Fixed: marklindhout @ 2012-11-29) Category pages need better styling: add date, tags, author.

Quality Control


Always test and fix for:

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