Atahualpa theme

This task is part of the FellowshipHacks/Projects/Blog project.


We made some changes to the Atahualpa theme.


People working on this task.

Volunteers are always welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks/Projects/Blog to know how you can help


Last updated on: 090213

Initial customisation has been made, see for an example. Some more is needed.


This is a list of subtasks to do for the completion of the task.


We should either copy the favicon over the old one (please don't move, that would break my favicon) or change the default favicon name.

Top menu bar

We should add a top menu bar similar to the one in the standard Fellowship theme.

greve: for the customisation of the top menu bar, I would suggest to do this "properly" - so by defining a %fsfeheader that can be used in the normal way like other customisations.


greve: the default license is "all rights reserved". I changed that for my blog, but think that we should make it BY-SA as default.


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