Fellows account maintenance pages


Two pages of the new Fellowship site allow Fellows to create and manage their Fellowship account:



Volunteers are always welcome! Have a look at FellowshipHacks to know how you can help


Updated: 101102

Most functional modules are implemented. Some are being developed. Ideas for new features are welcome!

Functional modules being implemented

i18n for the account management pages

Goal: allow translations of the Join and Login pages.

Status: cri: we have a first testing implementation at ; please see the ./am directory in the fellowship-test subversion repository.



Ideas for further improvements and new features

Functional modules already implemented

Here is the status for each of the functional modules composing the account maintenance system.

User creation (Join page)

User deletion/activation/deactivation

Paypal manual payment

Request and change Fellow personal settings

User authentication and management of LDAP application settings

This currently includes the "Change password", and will include future Fellow settings that we may add to LDAP

Systems involved


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