Using the FSFE download-server

The FSFE offers a download server on In comparison to our Git, this is perfect for large files like videos, documents, pictures and other data. Volunteers can request write access to store FSFE-related data there.

First Steps

  1. First of all you will have to create a ssh-key for your user. You can do this with the command keygen. For more information on ssh-key please have a look here. For an instruction on how to generate and use your ssh-key you can also check out the explanation: First steps with git.

  2. Please write an email asking for access to the download-server to us.

  3. You will need to provide your public ssh-key. For this:
    • open your terminal type: "cd ~/.ssh" (This command changes directories. You will now be in the folder .ssh in your home folder. For a more detailed explanation type: "man cd" in your terminal.)
    • Next type: "ls"
    • You will now see the file This is your public key. Please do never ever in any case under any circumstances publish any other file from this folder. The id_rsa is your private ssh-key. And as the name says it is private as private data.

  4. As soon as someone uploaded your public ssh-key you will be able to access To do this follow the steps below.

Uploading and Downloading Files

There a several ways how to connect to a SFTP server

Command Line

Please check if you already followed the steps above.

  1. Open a terminal.
  2. Type: "sftp"

  3. Now you can transfer files from your local machine to

For an explanation on how to use sftp (SSH Secure File Transfer Protocol) have a look here. For further reading on sftp have a look here.

Graphical interfaces

You can use special applications like Filezilla to connect to a SFTP server. You can also use your file manager like Nautilus or Thunar.


Protocol: SFTP / Host: / Port: (leave empty or 22) / Logon Type: Key file / User: download / Key file: (select the file id_rsa in the .ssh directory)

For a detailed explanation on how to use Filezilla have a look at the documentation from them.

File managers

Using Nautilus: Go to "Other Locations". There you will see the line: Connect to Server. Type s and click on connect.

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