Most modern Linux distributions come with pre-configured packages for common card readers. Getting your fellowship card working on such systems is quick and simple:

Setup the card reader

Install PC/SC-lite

Open your software installer and install the PC/SC-lite package.
Depending on your distribution, the package name might be pcscd (debian) or pcsc-lite (Fedora, openSUSE).

Install driver package (optional)

If your distribution provides a specific driver package for your card reader (e.g. Fedora provides a special driver for the REINER SCT cyberjack), install it.
Otherwise, install the generic ccid driver. Typical package names for this driver are pcsc-lite-ccid or pcsc-ccid.

Verify operation

Insert your fellowship card into the reader and execute the following command on the terminal prompt:

gpg --card-status

The output should contain some information about the contents of the card. If it does not, check the troubleshooting advice here


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