Blogs: upgrade to Wordpress 3

The Fellowship blogging platform has been upgraded to the latest release of Wordpress (3.0.1). Depending on the level of customisation of your blog, you might need to make some adjustments: please read the intructions contained in this page.

You can find more information about the Fellowship blogs service at the Blogs wiki page.

If you encounter any problems, please write to <fellowship-hackers AT fsfeurope DOT org>

Help! My blog is so slow...

Check if you have enabled the identica-tools plugin; disable it and use the statusnet-widget plugin instead, see below for more information.


The new wordpress release has some backwards-incompatible changes in the management of widgets (see

Most widgets will keep working after the upgrade, but some of them may not work as before, be disabled, or even get deleted, requiring re-adding and re-configuring them using your blog administration backend.

For the worst case (widgets disappearing and requiring set up from scratch), we provide a snapshot of the old blog system as it was before the upgrade at so that you can copy the old widget configurations over to the new upgraded blog system. (Note: when you try to log into blogs-old your browser will complain about a wrong SSL certificate; please ignore the warning)

Alternate theme

The blog "alternate" theme (atahualpa) has been upgraded too; you can find three new major releases of atahualpa (from the 3.3.x, 3.4.x and 3.5.x branch) in the Appearance -> Themes section of your blog administration backend.

If you use this theme, you should try switching to the latest 3.5.x release (which is compatible with Wordpress 3), but if you encounter any problems, you may try upgrading in steps, to release 3.3.x, and/or 3.4.x. In case you want to revert to the old release of the theme and you lost some configurations, you can copy them from

Missing images

If you customised the atahualpa theme adding some images (logo, etc), some images might fail to appear on your blog homepage. This is a known problem with the URL of some images, especially the atahualpa "logo image".

The missing image is still available in the Media section of your administration backend: you should copy the full path of the image (e.g. file/X/Y/image.jpg) and replace it into the URL to the image in the atahualpa configuration page (Appearance -> Atahualpa theme options -> Header -> Show logo image)

If images are missing from your posts when displayed in the home page, but are present in each post's page, you should change the "excerpts" configuration in Atahualpa options -> Post&Pages -> Configure excerpts. You can choose whether to display full posts (including images) in the home page, or just post excerpts (without images).

identica-tools plugin

This plugin is not being developed anymore and it's known to cause a significant slowdown with the current version of wordpress, so you are encouraged to disable it.

To include feeds into your blog, you can enable the statusnet-widget plugin instead.

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