Blogs: migration from the old Fellowship portal

All blogs hosted on the old Fellowship portal have been migrated to the new blogging platform on; the migration procedure was almost completely automatic, but there are some aspects to be checked or managed manually, see below for details.

All links pointing to blogs, posts and RSS feeds of the old blogging platform are automatically redirected to the corresponding data on the new platform.

You can see your migrated blog at:, and log into your administration dashboard at: (with your usual Fellowship username and password).

Things to check

The following data have been automatically migrated, and don't need any action (just check that everything is OK and if you spot anything strange, please write to <fellowship AT fsfeurope DOT org>)

A note about post licenses: the licensing information for each post doesn't yet appear, but it won't be discarded (it's recorded in our database); we are currently testing some Wordpress plugins to manage blog and posts licenses and we will automatically update the license information for old migrated posts when we have chosen the best solution.

Things needing possible fix

The following data have been migrated, but might need some manual fixes, because of some differences between the old and new platforms (and some limitations of the migration procedure):

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