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== Open tasks == == Bug reports and open tasks ==
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 * Last time I checked the [[https://fsfe.org/contribute/web/campaigns-frontpage.en.html|documentaiton for the campaign boxes]] was outdated. Should maybe be moved to the wiki with an update.
 * Make sure that old newsitems are never displayed as outdated, this is never the issue because we just fix typos or minor problems for news afterwards. (Original mail to web about it: "I realised that there are several old news items for which the translations are displayed as outdated, but they are not (maybe a typo was fixed in the English version). As we don't alter news items content wise after publication, is there a way we can now change the status of the old news items, and make sure that does not happen in future?")
 * Add possibility to promote a certain page on all other pages from us? E.g. at the time of writing each page should have had link to the [[http://fsfe.org/15|FSFE15 page]]. (More info from mail to web: "Should we have to add a link in the main menu "FSFE 15" for some time? Or an additional box under the follow-up box of each page? Or a box similar to the follow-up box, but on top of all the content?")
 * Improving the follow-up boxes on fsfe.org (see e-mail thread "Improving the follow-up boxes on fsfe.org?"), the idea was to use "The FSFE is a volunteer driven charity that empowers users to control technology. Join us today to support our work!" for the wording.
We collect open tasks and issues in the [[https://git.fsfe.org/FSFE/fsfe-website/issues|website's Git issue tracker]].



How to join

Join the web mailing list and introduce yourself!

Mailing lists


The web team manages the content and infrastructure for FSFE's main and ancillary websites.

Bug reports and open tasks

We collect open tasks and issues in the website's Git issue tracker.


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